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Imports to Scotland

If you are relocating to Scotland and need to move your home contents internationally or even if you just need to bring in some items or excess baggage from abroad, Meadows International Removals will ship your items from almost anywhere in the world to your location in Scotland.


Choosing the Most Cost Effective Transport Mode

When considering how best to ship your items please note that sea freight and road freight charges are worked out by volume whereas air freight is determine by size or weight (whichever is the largest).
This means that in some circumstances it can be more cost effective and cheaper to send your shipment by air. We can help you choose the best and most cost effective mode of transport whether by air, by land (Europe only), by sea or a combination of all three.


Shipment Documentation

Remember to read carefully through the restrictions of items not permitted into the UK and the required customs documents from our documentation section.


For a free shipping quote fill out detailed shipping quote form or contact us on +44 (0)131 555 0000.