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Planning to relocate home to Scotland?

You're going to have to bring some items from home with you and that's when you need the help of a professional international removals specialist like Meadows International Removals.

Based in Edinburgh, we can help you move your household items to Scotland safely and for the best price.

Safe Transit for Your Household Belongings

Read through our packing tips sections for some good advice on how to pack up your items. Proper packing will help in keeping your items undamaged during transit

Shipment Protection & Insurance

For peace of mind, consider taking out our shipment protection (Standard Liability Protection). This can insure your shipment during the removal process against any loss or damage.

Get a Quote for Relocating to Scotland

Use our on-line shipping quote form to get a costs quote for your international removals.

UK Shipping Documentation

Make sure you read and fill out the appropriate shipping documentation for bringing your belongings to Scotland.

Relocation Websites

Some external websites to help you in your relocation to Scotland.