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Exporting Items from Scotland

Relocating your home to a sunnier climate or just have some excess baggage items to export abroad?

Meadows International Removals have over 20 years of experience in helping students, individuals, families and local businesses move excess baggage, auction/special items, household contents and business shipments form Scotland to almost anywhere in the world.


Cost-effective Shipping

Of course you can choose to send your shipment by air, by sea or in some circumstances by land but consider contacting us to discuss shipping methods and costs.

Depending on the size, weight and/or volume of your shipment, it may be more cost effective to send it as air freight.


International Student Removals

We have helped thousands of international students move belongings and excess baggage from home to their new university (and back again!).

Our storage options are also a cost-effective way of keeping your student belongings safe if you are travelling abroad in between term times and especially so if you need to move out of halls of residence or student accommodation during the summer.


Shipment Documentation & Customs

If you are shipping any items to another country then you must carefully read and comply with its customs regulations.
We have some of the main customs forms and relevant documents in our documentation section.

Meadows International Removals cannot be responsible for any delays or costs incurred by actions taken by foreign customs services or local authorities. Ensuring your documentation is correctly completed and that your shipment complies with all the conditions for that country will help towards quickly clearing customs.


For a free shipping quote fill out detailed shipping quote form or contact us on +44 (0)131 555 0000.