Land Freight for Students – Meadows International Removals

If you’re soon to be starting university, whether you’re moving to or from Scotland, Meadows International Removals can ease your moving process.

The process of moving far away from home can be particularly daunting. Making the move to your new home as you embark on the exciting new chapter of your life, shouldn’t be overshadowed by the thought of how to transport larger belongings such as furniture.

Our land freight services offer transit for students’ belongings who may be moving away from Scotland for university, or moving to Scotland as they join one of the country’s many impressive universities.

Moving away from Scotland

As you begin packing for university, you may come across larger belongings, such as bicycles or pieces of furniture that you feel you won’t be able to transit without help. Organising professional student land freight means you won’t have to leave any of your most-loved belongings behind, allowing your new place of study to feel like home.

Our land freight service for students is proud to service locations between Scotland and Europe, securely transiting your belongings to your new residence. Since our shipping company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we’re perfectly placed to assist with packing your more difficult items, should you require.

Moving to Scotland

If you’ve chosen to make the move to Scotland to one of our popular universities, we’ll organise your transit, allowing you to concentrate on settling into your new home.

Our top tips for international student shipping would be to carefully read through your shipment documentation and UK customs documents to ensure you’re fully aware of any restrictions. 

Combine Our Services

Our reliable student land freight vehicles are typically selected for shorter transits, perfect for if you know the date you’ll be moving into your new student residence. Should your belongings arrive earlier than expected, we have a storage facility that you can utilise.

If you are moving further away or from further afield, we will advise on whether combining our different student transit will be more cost-effective. These services include sea freight and air freight, and we can discuss how these may affect your estimated arrival times of your belongings.

Get in Touch

Our land freight services for students are available to organise today. Be prepared for your exciting new chapter and Contact Us today so we can discuss which service will best suit your transit.