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Packing Service for International Transit 

Having trouble packing up some of your items?

Goods such as skis, bikes and furniture can be particularly difficult to pack.


Expert Packing

Meadows International Removals are your Scottish professionals for packaging and shipping difficult-to-ship items, including furniture, equipment, artwork, machinery, computers, antiques, and more.

We use heavy duty boxes, quality bubble wrap and vinyl packing tape that is resistant to humidity, temperature change, moisture and chemicals - ideal for properly sealing your shipping boxes.

If you think there's no way you can pack or move an item, chances are we've already seen one before, packed it and shipped it.

Check out the video below showing on of our expert packers securing a large piece of furniture:



Cartons and Packing Materials

We can supply you with all the materials you need to pack up your items.

  • Economy Carton - Dimensions 24x18x12 inches (3 cubic feet) / 61x46x30 cm (0.08 cubic meters)
  • Tea Chest Carton - Dimensions 20x16x24 inches (5 cubic feet) / 51x41x61 cm (0.14 cubic meters)
  • Export Carton - Dimensions 18.5x18.5x30 inches (6 cubic feet) / 47x47x77 cm (0.17 cubic meters)
  • Quality Bubble Wrap - Dimensions per roll 2.5x328 feet 0.75x100 meters
  • Vinyl Packing Tape
  • Labels

Have a look at our packing tips to ensure your items have the best chance of getting to their destination in one piece.

Contact one of our local shipping offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow or London for more information.